December 18, 2014

Christmas is a time for giving and if you’re anything like me, I love to really put thought into each and every gift. I stumbled upon a gorgeous jewellery brand called who offers a range of personalised necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and much, much more!

You can customise everything from the precious metals (Sterling Silver, Gold, Yellow Gold or White Gold) to what you want to have engraved on it. I must have spent a good few hours choosing everything but I’m so excited to give them as gifts this Christmas.

I sometimes struggle with knowing what to buy people – especially my celeb friends that have everything, but has such a lovely range that it was fairly easy to pick what I wanted.

As soon as I placed my order, it took only three days for my jewellery to arrive! I expected it to take at least a week so I was over the moon with the quality and the gorgeous gift box it came in. What I love about LOVESILVER is that its range is timeless, so the jewellery can be worn all year round, whatever the occasion and outfit and they have items for men and children too.  You can really get creative with your personal message or sense of humour.

I couldn’t recommend LOVESILVER enough so take a look at their website and get ordering!

Prices start from £9.99 and can go up to £250

The party season is fast approaching and with Halloween nearly over, all I’m thinking about now is Christmas. With plenty of family do’s and drinks with friends, not to mention events, scheduled in already for this coming winter I’m planning to keep on trend and party ready with Zoya’s fab new shades for Autumn/Winter 2014.

100% vegan and organic, Zoya are the first brand of their kind to remove harmful toxins and chemicals from their polishes. Meaning you can take care of your nails whilst sporting the latest trend. Zoya are proud to have the “Big 5 Free” and are free from five of the most harmful chemicals; formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor normally found in polishes. I love knowing that Zoya polishes will keep my nails healthy no matter what.

The right nail colour is the perfect accessory or accent to any outfit, especially during the party season. With over 500 shades to choose from there is a shade for absolutely all occasions so you have no excuse for looking anything but totally glam 24/7 this Christmas.

Naturel Deux

By now we’ve well and truly transitioned into Autumn and I’ve definitely replaced my bikini’s and denim cut offs with woolly knits and knee high boots. Well girls, I think it’s time to update your nails too! Put away the Barbie pinks and aquamarines and bring out Zoya’s Naturel Deux, and their new to Autumn/Winter 2014 shades. This line is so chic it’s perfect for any and every occasion. From Gingerbread Latte gossip session with the girls to enjoying Bonfire Night with the family I’m finding ANY excuse to wear these shades. Every colour is just so gorgeous it’s hard to decide which one to wear next!

Entice and Ignite

Probably my absolute fave collection from Zoya, I get so many compliments and people asking where my polish is from when I wear these shades! The 6 metallic shades in the range are bold, daring and glam up any Christmas party outfit whilst the 6 non-metallic autumnal shades are perfect for a day-to-day statement nail. There really is something for everyone so make a statement this winter and liven up those dark days and chilly nights with Entice and Ignite.

Ultra PixieDust

Every year I just love getting into the festive spirit with my nail choice and the Ultra PixieDust collection is perfect for this. The Ultra PixieDust line really does bring a little magic to ANY party! Get your sparkles out girls and transform any LBD from dull to glam in seconds. Jam packed with sparkles these polishes come in 3 gorgeous colours from a vibrant red to a sexy purple.


Highly pigmented and easy to apply Zoya’s polishes are long wearing meaning I won’t have to worry about chipping or touching up between parties or events. Perfect!

I love ALL the colours in Zoya’s new Autumn/Winter and just can’t get enough! I’m even thinking about buying these as little gifts and stocking fillers for Christmas. What do you think?

Zoya polishes £11 each and are available from salons nationwide or online at


As it’s National Vegetarian Month this October and I recently attended Pup Aid, what a perfect time to support ethical skincare and try out the new 100% natural Pure & Light Organic range.

Inspiration for the range came from creator Agnes Donazy’s own struggle with sensitive skin and she remains at the heart and soul of the brand. With over a decades experience in the industry and having studied the use of natural therapies, herbal essences and aromatherapy, Agnes knows a thing or two about the benefits of nature.

Jam-packed with certified organic botanicals, vitamins and amino acids, all of the ingredients in the Pure & Light Organic range are carefully selected and combined to produce powerful results.

Targeted at women looking for safe and premium skincare, the line was created using active, living, organic ingredients to reflect a love of quality and a love of nature.

The range consists of four products; the Essential Face Cream, Floral Toner, Essential Skin Facial Oil and an Essential Hand Cream. Lucky me I was able to give them all a go!

The Essential Face Cream, £49 feels really luxurious and I love the subtle and natural scents of rose, orange blossom and sandalwood.  Jam-packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, it supports oxygenation and collagen production whilst helping to relax facial muscles to smooth expression lines and wrinkles. Absorbing easily into my skin it left my face feeling soothed and hydrated.

The Essential Floral Toner, £35 has such a lovely feminine scent and is the perfect post make up removal antidote to a day in the city. Its antibacterial properties are essential for calming and balancing your skin after a hectic day of kids and work.

The Essential Skin Facial Oil, £55, with Argan, Macadamia and Avocado is a little bottle of luxury. Bring out your inner glow and pamper yourself, use all over your face and bring down to your neck and décolletage.

Finally I just love the Essential Hand Cream, £39. With Shea butter, Vitamin E and Lavender for a lovely comforting smell, this fast absorbing cream is a handbag must have for ladies on the go. Now that the weather is changing and it’s getting a lot chiller here in the UK I don’t know how I ever lived without it!


We all know how important it is to look after our skin, but it’s difficult sometimes to find the right products to do this, especially with all the hidden and unlisted nasty ingredients in some modern beauty cosmetics. Pure & Light Organic create luxury products using only the purest ingredients found in nature.

The whole range is completely free from mineral oils, alcohol, parabens, animal products and artificial and synthetic fragrances or perfumes. With Pure & Light Organic you can really trust that what you’re putting on your skin is 100% natural, safe and most importantly, good for you.  Such a bonus and one less thing to worry about with such a hectic lifestyle!

A lot of beauty products these days make bold claims they cannot live up to. Pure and Light Organic prioritise purity and effectiveness, and they deliver!

Pure & Light Organic is available online at and in store at Janna Organic Remedies Shop, George Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 8AQ


Take advantage of FREE UK and European delivery on all orders over £30 as well as 2 FREE Samples with purchase when you order online.

This last month has just flown by! With so many events taking place throughout the course of September, I’ve barely had time to notice we’ve reached October! London Fashion Week was a personal highlight of mine; I just love looking out for future fashion inspiration, especially on home ground here in the UK. And it was exactly here at LFW that I spotted the inspiration for my latest blog post.

SkinDesignLondon launched at its brand new skincare range in collaboration with the notorious fashion brand FELDER FELDER at this year’s LFW. The launch marked the result of years of hard work for SDL in order to produce a revolutionary skincare range to fill the gap in the market for designer skincare. I just loved the collaboration of both SkinDesignLondon and FELDER FELDER as both brands were created by sisters, adding a real personal touch to the collections. SDL truly set the scale for things to come by collaborating with FELDER FELDER, who already have a well-established following and designer reputation.

So where did it all begin? As sisters who have completely different complexions, Fatma and Gulcan understood the diversity of skin and the problems us ladies experience on a daily basis when it comes to cleansing and moisturising. After successfully establishing a renowned status in the industry as ‘face stylists’ due to their success in Azamay, their award-winning dental and skin clinic in London, the sisters wanted to use their expertise in order to deliver a premium skincare collection that invigorates every skin type. The collection boasts a range of high-quality products, ranging from youth serums to night masks. Whether you’re suffering with sun damaged/uneven skin, or finding it difficult to control an oily complexion, SDL have just the product to create the elite look and produce flawlessly youthful results.

What I love so much about the range is how it perfectly fits or adapts to every skin variation. The sisters pride themselves on their ability to give clientele the ‘perfect fit’ for their face – and this is just the case. Each product feels as if it has been truly tailored for a personal experience. One of the high points for me is that there are absolutely no parabens or animal-based ingredients. Although this may not be of high concern for some, I like to be reassured that my beauty products are cruelty-free and eco-responsible, and this is ensured by the SkinDesignLondon team.
It is also refreshing to see a skincare collection that boasts so many natural ingredients, ranging from white and green tea, jojoba oil, rosehip, acai berry and vitamins. I feel much more confident in my beauty regime when I know the products are sourced from both botanical and pharmaceutical ingredients, and because of this, SDL is quickly becoming a regular feature in my makeup bag!

SkinDesignLondon can be purchased online at

September is the time for reinvention – when the leaves change colour and so does your wardrobe. The kids are back to school, the teens are starting university and the workers are drooling over the collections at fashion week. Although we’re still dressing for this rare Indian summer, I absolutely love creating a new personal style when autumn comes and launching a new me. It’s the time for new beginnings from head to toe.

Not only have I got my eye on a whole new autumn wardrobe, but I’m taking the start of autumn to try new hair, beauty and fragrance products too. This is when I came across the brand new perfume by Leighton Denny, recent MBE and all round beauty guru to the stars! Originally a forklift driver from Leeds, the industry’s top nail expert has dipped his beauty brush into yet another pot with his debut Eu de Parfum, ‘Light & Dark’. The amazing story of his journey into the glamorous world of beauty and celebrities is all revealed in his new book ‘How I Nailed It’, a fabulously gripping page turner filled with laughs and unbelievable stories!

‘Light and Dark’ is a fragrance designed for the art of seduction; fruity and fresh with classic notes of spicy pepper and myrrh. The distinctive scent triggers the instincts of attraction and desire, turning heads and igniting the room. This is the perfect fragrance to wear on a night out with friends or attending events on the red carpet.

But it is an ideal daytime fragrance as well – with just a few spritzes the warm tones are subtle and fruity with a musky base. This versatile scent is the ultimate handbag essential – a light, edgy fragrance for the day, and a dark classic fragrance for the night. It’s so refreshing to find a mature and unique Eu de Parfum that’s not too sweet and has a nostalgic edge, taking me straight back to the 1930s with a 21st century spin.

Leighton Denny MBE really has proved that he is Britain’s ultimate beauty guru – not only has he ‘nailed’ the manicure world and launched an extensive range of cosmetic products, but he’s taken the fragrance industry by storm as well!


Leighton Denny’s ‘Light & Dark’ is available from

Pure Spa Group – Scotland

Jarrolds Department Store – Norwich

Away Spa at the W Hotel – London

Penny Hill Park Hotel & Spa – Ascot

As well as: